Vampelars tar blodbanen 
Children’s book, 89 pages.
Written by Ingunn Bilben. Illustrations by Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by Amlethus Forlag, November, 2019.

Ten year old Lars har been 10 year old since 1970. How? He is a vampire, and this is the story about how he became a vampire and how he and Juni travelled through his father’s veins.


Sea Ghosts
Comic book, 44 pages.
Written & illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by JAL Illustrasjon, June 2019.

A non-dialouge comic inspired by epic poems and classic ghost stories: A trade ship captain sees two ghostly individuals one dark night. An omen about a dreadful storm and the monster from his childhood nightmares …


Raslefrosken som ikke skjønte et kvekk
Children’s picture book, 52 pages.
Written by: Nina Bay. Illustrations: Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by Dreyer Forlag in april, 2018.

Raslefrosken does not know how to croack. And thus he can not shout to other frogs where he ism and he does feel very lonely … One day he makes the decision to go on an adventure through the forest to learn the art of croacking and — hopefully — make some friends on the way.