New site, new blog

Welcome to my new and update website, portfolio and blog! I will try to post misc. illustrations, process images, behind the scenes and other stuff here; things that I might not publish in the portfolio. Some extra content, if you like.

Two weeks ago my book Sea Ghosts was finally out! I got the copies after a trip to London, and I am happy with the way it turned out:


44 pages of a wordless story inspired by epic poems, ghost stories and tales of monsters. You can read more about it here.

I am  so grateful that a lot of people wanted the book. I have one copy left (in addition to my personal one), but you can soon order from/buy it at Tronsmo, one of Norway´s finest book stores. They bought a lot of copies, so it may be available there for a while. I might print another edition, but that won’t be until the fall, at least.


Also very happy for the positive words and reviews this far! One of my favorite writers — Matt Wesolowski who has written the awesome Six Stories crime/horror podcast books — has recommended it at his facebook site!

Until next time: Take care!