My drawing desk / setup


The MacBook Pro I mostly use for heavier stuff (illustration also, but mostly design) and some Photoshop tasks. I also prefer writing (long e-mails, scripts etc.) on the laptop.


The iPad Pro is my main computer. It is an 10.5 version from 2017, and it is a monster! Combined with the Apple Pencil it is my main drawing tool, and it has allowed me to produce work everywhere — even lying down on the couch! Most of my book Sea Ghosts was made at coffee shops here in Larvik, London and Oslo.

There is a 12 inch version as well, and if larger drawing space is your thing, you should probably go for that one. I have never required large drawing space, so the 10.5 inch model is perfect for me. The Pro iPad models also has slimmer rims, so the screen feels much bigger than the regular iPad (9.7 inc).

I also has a portable Logitech bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, but I am mostly using it when I am away from the Mac and needs to type.


Procreate is the best drawing app out there. I love it. It also lets you create natural looking artworks and you can download and/or buy great brushes made by professionals and other Procreate users.

And … Well. This happens. A lot:


New site, new blog

Welcome to my new and update website, portfolio and blog! I will try to post misc. illustrations, process images, behind the scenes and other stuff here; things that I might not publish in the portfolio. Some extra content, if you like.

Two weeks ago my book Sea Ghosts was finally out! I got the copies after a trip to London, and I am happy with the way it turned out:


44 pages of a wordless story inspired by epic poems, ghost stories and tales of monsters. You can read more about it here.

I am  so grateful that a lot of people wanted the book. I have one copy left (in addition to my personal one), but you can soon order from/buy it at Tronsmo, one of Norway´s finest book stores. They bought a lot of copies, so it may be available there for a while. I might print another edition, but that won’t be until the fall, at least.


Also very happy for the positive words and reviews this far! One of my favorite writers — Matt Wesolowski who has written the awesome Six Stories crime/horror podcast books — has recommended it at his facebook site!

Until next time: Take care!